Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Adult Sign Up for Summer Reading

  1. Fill out the contract at the library or online. Here is the Link: Press here to sign up.
  2. Keep a copy of your contract
  3. If you fill out your forms at the library or pick them up from curbside, put your name on the sunshine (decorate if you wish) and hang them in the hallway on the door
  4. You get a ticket for signing up
  5. For every book you read, you get a raffle ticket. You keep track of your books on the lined sheet in your packet (if you pick them up at the library). Mark your sheet at home when you do your reading. Bring in the sheet or contact us by phone or email with your list
  6. Fill out your ticket and put it in our ticket jar. Or contact the library and we will put tickets in the jar on your behalf
  7. Other ways to earn tickets:
    a. Do Library challenges when offered. Check website weekly.
  8. Main prizes:
    $50 gift certificate for The Roadhouse
    $25 gift certificate from Pump and Pantry
    Everyone that participates gets a prize at the end of the summer if they complete their contract
  9. Good Luck! The more you read, the more tickets, the more chance for winning one of our big prizes

Or print and drop off the form to the library:

Print the challenge, complete it and get it to the library by dropping off or scanning and emailing.

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