Cho the Library Mascot Reviews Youth Books

Meet Cho the Ainsworth Public Library mascot. Cho loves reading. There is nothing more that he enjoys than stretching out with a good book. Every Wednesday, Cho shares his reviews of his favorite new youth books. You can find his reviews here on his page.
Cho’s picks for Wednesday, September 16.
Cho’s Picks: Rock’s and Minerals! With 25 Science Projects for Kids!, You Are A Beautiful Beginning, I Promise, Who’s Hiding in The Woods?
Cho’s picks for Wednesday, September 2. Cho also wanted to show you the whale tales.
Cho’s picks for Wednesday, August 26. Meet Kaya, My Wandering Dreaming Mind, Good Enough to Eat, Princess Label Maker to the Rescue
Show Wanted to show pictures of him visiting the Doctor

Cho’s picks Wednesday, Aug. 19 were: My First Day, Let’s Try It Out With Towers and Bridges, The Wild Boy, The Have A Good Day Cafe, I Spy Apple. . Cho wanted us to share: “Below are pictures of my family: my mom, dad and my sister Ruby who sort of looks like me but has an orange collar. They all live at the “Darling Homestead”in Williamstown, VT. It’s a great place to visit! I recommend their yummy eggs too. “
Cho’s Picks for August 12
Cho’s picks were: Bernard Pepperlin, Night Job, Frank and Lucky, Barnum’s Bones. Available through curbside! Cho also wanted you to see his hike up Paine Mountain.
Cho and his friend Fritz hiking up Paine Mountain.
Cho’s Picks for Wednesday, August 5
Cho’s picks were This Way Charlie, Biblioburro, Last Stop On Market Street, Bad Guys, Angry Ninja, Positive Ninja, Kind Ninja.
Cho’s picks for Wednesday, July 29.
Cho’s picks were: No Girls Allowed, Magnificent Homespun Brown, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, Speak Up.

Cho’s video that reviews youth books for 7/22/2020.

Cho’s first pick for the week.
Cho’s second book, a book for children about Covid 19

Cho’s third choice this week
Cho loved this Chapter book this week.
Cho picked this book which is 340 pages long but he says it is a great read. It is about a dog so he may be biased.

Here is Cho talking about three of his favorite new books on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.
These are the books Cho picked Wednesday, July 15, 2020.