Williamstown Librarian Connection (WLC)

Did you know that the Williamstown Elementary School Librarian Daniel Creegan and the Ainsworth Public Librarian, Sarah Snow have teamed up to offer the community the very best they can. Look here often to see what they are up to next! Rumor has it they have an event planned every month.

For February:

For October:

We had a successful guess for the weight of the giant pumpkin!

For September:

Check out our video about the Dragon Hunter Event.
Here is the link: Dragon Hunter Application
Look for Ms. Snow’s brother Motorcycle Dude at the school this week. He is visiting to promote the Dragon Hunter Program!

Here they are at Onward Summer Camp at the Elementary School this summer, promoting summer reading.

Week One: 21 Elephant Challenge

Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince
We read the book
Then we had a challenge for Onward to build us a bridge that would allow 21 elephants to walk across it only using materials we left for them.
They met the challenge and we displayed it at the Ainsworth Public Library.

Week Two: Princess Evermore and Motorcycle Dude visited Onward

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O'Malley
We read this book together but we didn’t like the ending………..so we had the kids write new ones and tell us all about them. Endings included the Princess and Dude getting married, the giant being sent to outer space, the Princess learning to ride a motorcycle, the Dude learning to ride horses and many more…..
Princess Evermore and Motorcycle Dude

Week Three: Egg Challenge

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again by Dan Santat
We had the children join in the traditional Humpty Dumpty Rhyme and then we read After the Fall.

We gave all sorts of materials for the children to build safe inventions for eggs to travel in that would be dropped from a ladder. We had a few that survived……………..and some that didn’t.

Week Four: Rainbow Fairytales and Book Giveaway

We read Fairy Tales about Rainbows from all over the world!
Then we had a book giveaway where the school and the public library gave away 50 books!