Williamstown Reader’s Group

This is not a scholarly discussion group.  We are a friendly bunch of readers with varying interests who come together to discuss books and have fun doing it.

Didn’t read the whole thing?  Come anyway and let the group tell you why you should finish it – or, why you should just move on to the next book.

If you really didn’t like the book, come anyway.  We have some of our best discussions when some of us didn’t care for the book.

Come join us!

NOW READING: The Greater Journey by David McCullough

On Wednesday, September 13, the Williamstown Readers Group will discuss ‘The Greater Journey – Americans In Paris’ by David McCullough. The book follows the scores of American who, in the 1800’s, were drawn to Paris. Most had never traveled more than 50 miles from home and never sailed across the Atlantic. Some, including James Fennimore Cooper and Mark Twain, were household names; others, like Oliver Wendell Holmes, soon would be.

Paris, “The City of Light”, was seen as the center of medical, science and art learning at that time. These Americans wanted to see what they could learn there and bring it home. Some went for a brief stay to learn while others decided to stay longer.

Copies of the book are available at the Ainsworth Library and all are welcome to join the discussion.