Revised Book, Audio and DVD Donation Policy 1/1/2020

The Ainsworth Public Library Donation Policy
for Books, Audio Cd’s and Dvds
What can I donate?
Donations of gently used fiction and non-fiction books for adults and youth, CDs, and DVDs are accepted on a case by case basis at the library. The Friends of the Library no longer accept donations for their annual Booksale.  The library is very limited in what it can take in for donations because of storage constraints. We prefer 6-8 items of donation at a time. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis after discussion with the Library Director.
How can I donate my items?
You must make an appointment with the Library Director to bring in your items. You can do so by calling the library 433-5887 or emailing  The library clerks are not responsible for determining donations in any way and will refer you to the Director. The Director has the right to accept and reject items based on the needs of the library.
Are there items you do NOT accept?
Please do not donate any of the following:
VHS tapes
Cassette Tapes
Computer Manuals
Condensed Books
Out dated non-fiction
Encyclopedias/ Dictionaries
Text Books
Damp/moldy books (throw in your trash)
Books in poor condition:  This includes damaged books with broken bindings, missing pages, soiled, musty, moldy, with smoke or water damage or writing in the them
Mass-Market Books (these are the small, fat books that usually are in a series)

How much can I claim as a charitable donation?
We do not determine the value of the donation. Receipts can be provided designating how many
items were donated. Please ask librarian for receipt, they will not be automatically given.
What happens to the items I donate?
Items may be added to the library’s collection, used for the summer/winter reading program as prizes or put on our sale shelf at the library.
Please keep in mind when considering donating, that the library does not have the space for storing boxes of books, cd’s or dvds and prefers 8 or less donated items at a time.

Is there another way to help?
Consider becoming a part of our Adopt an Author program.
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