Adopt an Author, Magazine or Newspaper

We are happy to announce that since the program stated the following authors have been adopted:

Jan Brett, Catherine Coulter, Janet Evanovitch, Neil Gaiman, John Grisham, Kevin Henkes, Eric Litwin, Debbie Macomber, Archer Mayer, Rick Riordian, Nora Roberts, S.M. Stirling

Join in the fun! Did you know you can adopt an author in someone’s memory? For a birthday gift. To mark a special event. Contact the library for more information. 433-5887

How it works:

  1. The patron chooses an author, magazine or newspaper subscription from our list of items that we would like adopted
  2. The library purchases the author’s new book or magazine/newspaper subscription with their discount from Baker and Taylor bookseller
  3. The librarian sends an invoice to the patron that shows the amount due for the new items. The patron writes a check to the library or gives cash for the amount due.
  4. The library processes the new item and the patron that has adopted it gets to take the item out first. The library will contact the patron as soon as the item is ready.
  5. A book plate is placed in the front of the book that indicates the person that has donated it. We will also post a list of adopted items on our website. There will be a list of magazine/newspaper adopters near our magazine rack in the library.
  6. The item stays in the library collection for all patrons to enjoy

How to choose an item:

  1. Look at the provided list from the library
  2. Decide if you want to adopt a magazine, newspaper or author
  3. Let the librarian know what you have chosen
  4. The library will send you an invoice and contact you as soon as the item comes in

Things to know:

  1. You cannot choose your own author, magazine or newspaper but you can make suggestions to us to add them to our current list.
  2. We order items monthly. If an author has a new book coming out, we sometimes order in advance. (Ex. If Patterson has a new book coming, we reserve a copy ahead of time) We do not order books in the month of June because we are transitioning into the new fiscal year but we order all the other months of the year.
  3. Why does this help? Our book, newspaper, and magazine budget is $6,000 a year. By adopting an item, the library saves money and can purchase other items such as DVDs, and services for patrons that are not a part of our annual budget.

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